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Nutritional Mindfulness: Holistic Nutrient Management

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on your own awareness of the present moment. It’s about acknowledging and accepting all thoughts and sensations. Nutritional mindfulness, or mindful eating, can produce significant results for people struggling to lose weight. Mindfulness can be used as a hunger and appetite control technique because it teaches you to observe how your body reacts to food and stop eating when your body is satisfied. Through our programs, you can become more aware of physical cues that tell your body what it truly needs as well as what it doesn’t. Our food and nutrition management services are not just about getting the right nutrients and counting calories. They are about changing habits as well as recognizing where those habits came from and why they are holding us back. Call today to learn more about nutrition mindfulness in the Raleigh and Durham, NC areas.

  • Think about what you are eating and why you make those diet choices
  • Learn to understand and control your appetite for the long term
  • Change your relationship with food to include greater regard for your health
  • Lose weight and live the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted

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Learn About Appetite Control and How to Not Let it
Control You

One of the greatest benefits of practicing mindfulness in eating is that it helps you develop hunger and appetite control skills. Many people have lost touch with their bodies’ natural responses to hunger and food. Some eat out of boredom or as a response to stress triggers. Food elicits an emotional reaction in many people and it can sometimes be hard to distinguish that feeling from true physical cues from your body.

Nutritional mindfulness re-trains your brain to make it listen to your body. With our help, you will no longer feel controlled by your appetite. You’ll reform a new relationship with eating that supports your overall health and well-being. All goals have to start in the mind first and weight loss is no exception. Get the guidance, tools, and skills you need to change your relationship with food and start losing weight now. Contact Nutritional Health Enhancement today and speak with a qualified expert.

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Get Healthy Hunger Control Tactics Based on Your Individual Needs

At Nutritional Health Enhancement, we provide comprehensive food, nutrient, and nutrition management services to meet the unique needs of every individual client. We teach many nutritional mindfulness concepts that improve hunger control, including:

  • Learning to distinguish between true physical hunger and other feelings that trigger unnecessary eating
  • Listening to your body’s satiation cues to know when you’ve eaten enough
  • Eating slowly and appreciating the way it engages with all of your 5 senses
  • Acknowledging and working to change unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about food
  • Thinking about food as fuel for your body’s cells and an essential component of your overall health and well-being
  • Noticing how certain foods make you feel in regards to energy levels, digestion, and brain function

Learn these techniques and more from a specialist at Nutritional Health Enhancement.

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Nutritional Health Enhancement

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